Levee Monitoring

Terra Inc. will be conducting a routine soil condition assessment along the city’s flood protection levees to ascertain the structural integrity and determine the risk, if any, posed by the rising flood waters during future hazard events. The levees bordering the river are in an old part of the city and, like all levees, require regular evaluation to ensure they are adequate to serve their primary purpose, which is to hold back water. The importance of levees and the role they play was highlighted by the 2005 levee failures during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Part of our present reality of climate change is the rise in sea levels, unpredictable weather, and rapid fluctuations in surface and groundwater levels. These are the conditions under which earth structures, such as levees and earth dams, fail and hence the need arises for more frequent and thorough risk assessment of the levees.

The city leadership is committed to protecting life and property in the farm and industrial areas, and Terra Inc. has been entrusted with this task. At Terra Inc., we embark on our projects with a clear sense of the guiding principles of engineering, and also with a sense of service to our community and the greater good of humanity.

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