About Terra INC.

Terra Inc. is a fictional geotechnical engineering company that is part of the larger GeoExplorer Mixed Reality and Mobile (MR&M) project. This is an NSF funded project that includes the development of a game aimed at improving the learning experience of geotechnical engineering undergraduate students. It incorporates a mix of classroom sessions where the students learn about the Cone Penetration Test (CPT) and play the game simulating this field test. They make decisions in the game based on their engineering judgement and submit a report based on the data collected at virtual field sites.

The role of Terra Inc. is to serve as the virtual employer of the students (players) who work as Interns/Employees for the company. The students are given assignments to conduct site investigations in and around a virtual city. These site investigations are a necessary part of the design and execution of geotechnical projects which are contracts awarded to Terra Inc. The students receive a periodic appraisal from the Design Office/Project Supervisor.

For any further questions and information,
please contact terraincengineering@gmail.com