What is Terra?

Terra  Inc.  is  a  geotechnical  engineering  company  that  designs  solutions  for  complex  civil engineering projects that are ethical, environmentally friendly and most importantly sustainable. At Terra Inc. our main field of expertise is Geotechnical Engineering, which is the field of civil engineering connecting the superstructure (above the ground surface) with its foundation (below the  ground  surface),  the  underlying  soil.  One  of  the  greatest challenges  of  Geotechnical Engineering  is the  fact that the properties of the  soil vary significantly  from one  location to the next. In one spot you can find clays at 5 ft depth and sand at 10 ft depth; 50ft from this spot, you can  find  sands  at  5 ft  depth  and  clay  at  10 ft  depth.  This  level  of  unpredictability makes the accurate representation of the subsurface properties of paramount importance.

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A Letter From the CEO

I have always admired the fact that humanity isn't only capable of construction but also of maintenance, this is important because it secures our past and makes us see the future more clearly.

Since its conception, Terra has been continuously finding innovative ways to not only fight the inevitabilities of time but also to revitalise the way we see the world.

New technologies are required in order to attract newer workforce. This is why the implementation of simulations are necessary teaching tools, that allow for hands on experiences without real world consequences.. Since they are also widely available, this creates a bridge allowing the private sector to have a better view of our work, which allows for a better understanding and respect of our domain.

Dean Mauritz,

CEO, Terra Inc.